Why go to the salon when I can color my hair at home? Great question! If it were 10 years ago I would probably tell you that there’s not much difference at all, not to pull it through your ends and that you’d be fine. There are of course the obvious upsides and downsides to this. Save time and money but sacrifice your bathroom, face and neck. Also honestly the integrity of your hair a bit and maybe not getting quite the color that you were expecting. We all know the arguments that a professional will tell you; tailored color formulation, frying your hair with the unknown contents, just the horrid connotation of ‘box dye’ …. macaroni and cheese comes in a box and it’s not bad at all! I’m not here to tell you about what you already know or have heard. I’m here to tell you about the ADVANCEMENTS in professional color technology. That’s right folks, haircolor science. Molecules. Olaplex is the big name that pushed for change in how haircolor affected the hair strands. It was a miracle formula that preserved the integrity of the hair during chemical processes and opened the door for every other brand out there. Bond builders. They’re in everything now and trust me, if your at home color boasts bond builder … it ain’t got nothing on my bond builders. Professional grade bond builders allow for so much with so little damage. They allow professionals to push the envelope and achieve results that years ago resulted in overprocessed hair. They’re in the color, in the lightener, in the developer, spray form to liquid form, you name it. And these guys in combination allow for basic coloring with ZERO damage. You heard that right, zero damage. Which means for you: shine, less tangles, increased manageability. Healthy hair holds style and curl longer.

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